Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Way to Express Myself

It is with mixed emotions that I start this blog. It means a transition for my podcast, Point 2 Point. From this point forward, P2P will be periodic news and commentary. This will be where I open up and talk about the things I love.

So -- why this transition? A few reasons:

1. P2P had run its course for me. I have said most of what I felt I needed to say. I would have liked to have performed some more interviews, but the coordination of people's schedules (especially mine) and the technological triangulation required for an interview really has become trying.

2. Is Point 2 Point really Point 2 Point without Scott? The short answer is no. I think I did a good job carrying the show through 2011 solo, but it really wasn't the same. Scott came over for our "Micropseudocon 2011," and it was great. He talked trash. He laughed at me (and with me). He won a game or two. He criticized a game and called it "unplayable" (in this case, Middle Earth Quest). He was, in short, everything that made me choose him as a co-host all those years ago. The banter was more fun to record and more fun to participate in than sitting and trying to keep some kind of solo, artificial "dialogue"going. So, I tried, but there really is no Point 2 Point without Scott.

3. I want to talk about things other than games. I love a number of things in my life, and I like to talk about them. And Point 2 Point was about wargames. Period. As it should have been. Here, people can read my thoughts, comment on them and respond to them (hopefully), and ignore the things that don't interest them. And I can express my views on all of the topics that interest me: wargames, science fiction and fantasy, teaching, writing, games other than wargames, role-playing, game design, the English Premier League team Arsenal, and the Virginia Tech Hokies, among other things. So, read what interests you (and, hopefully, a bit more), comment on it, and ignore the rest.

So, what will this blog be? It will be all of the above and more. It will not, at this point, be regular, but I foresee being able to write more than I was able to record (three kids, two of them teenagers -- need I say more?). 

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